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The Now

Hands free device

TeleTweet makes it incredibly easy to type in tweets without looking at your phone. You can seamlessly type tweets with one finger on the paddle, once you learn Morse Code of course. TeleTweet was created as a novelty application to showcase our love for Steampunk design, while providing a unique twitter client that encourages you to type in tweets using Morse Code.

Learn morse code

If you don't want to learn Morse code, you can fall back to entering tweets using the standard keyboard you have come to love. Although, you never know when knowing a little Morse code could save your life...such as being ship wrecked off the coast of California, having to send S.O.S. because your satellite Internet connection has gone down. Turn TeleTweet into landscape mode, and watch your tweets come through in real-time, as the ticker tape rolls..

One finger on the paddle

Send tweets with one finger on the paddle. Watch your real-time twitter feed come in on the ticker-tape. Learn Morse code. Impress your friends with your ability to code in Morse.


Steampunk design by IconFactory. Save your own life some day. Replace your keyboard with TeleTweet to send tweets. Compete with your friends with the speed at which you can bust out a new tweet.

Ticker tape machine

Turn your phone into landscape mode and receive your tweets on a circa 1869 Ticker Tape Machine designed by Thomas Edison. Watch your tweets come to life as they scroll across the screen in both Morse Code and human readable text.


Kid Safe YouTube!

Gube provides an ever growing, searchable list of kid-safe YouTube videos, organized into age-appropriate categories to provide hours of enjoyment to your kids of any ages.

Need a break from parenting?

Need a slight break from your ever demanding role of parent? Put Gube to the test as you try to enjoy just a few minutes of sanity while out for family dinners. Gube was built by parents for parents, and then name is even derived from Chad's toddler.

Kid Safe YouTube

Let your kids search our kid-safe videos without worrying that they will stumble onto something inappropriate. Select from age categories to customize the videos that are searchable. Age groups include, Infant, Toddler, Pre-school, and School.

Favorites and Featured

Create favorites from our list of videos, and play them continuously with the press of a button. Browse featured videos hand selected by our staff.

History and Suggestions

See a history of all the videos that your children have played. Suggest new videos to be added to our ever growing list of YouTube videos.


Facebook and Flickr photos delivered fresh daily

Have you ever thought what it would be like if you never missed even one photo from your closest contacts on Facebook and Flickr each day of the week? This is the concept behind Flickpad and why we went through the trouble of building it.

Social Integration

We wanted to come up with a new way to browse Facebook and Flickr photos so that every day, one can look at only those photos that have been added from your closest friends. We provide a killer interface to browse your contacts' photos for every day of the week, allowing you to choose favorites, comment / like photos, share with Facebook or Twitter, with sophisticated multi-touch gestures to navigate, photos, albums and contacts.

Stay up to Date

See new photos from your Facebook and Flick contacts every day of the week. A new way to browse your contacts timeline. Quickly stay up to date with friends photos. Social integration via Facebook and Twitter sharing.


Save favorite photos to your iPad. Favorite and Like the best photos

Full Rez

Look at high quality photos on Flickpad in full resolution.


Be Mindful, Live in the present

Think Deep Thoughts by Chad Podoski... This was the first iPhone application that we built when the iPhone was first release. The idea behind the Now is to send yourself a number of reminders throughout the day, to live more in the present, and to be mindful of your life.

Unstress your life

It's really easy to let the stresses of life make one lose touch with what is really important, and the Now strives to be a constant reminder of how to better live ones life... in the present. There is also a possibility that Chad built this application to remind Jason to live more in the Now, but this has neither been confirmed nor denied.

Daily Reminders

Receive daily reminders to be mindful and to live in the present multiple times per day via notifications. Choose the frequency and number of days that you want to receive notifications.

Push Notifications

Reminders are sent via push notifications to your phone periodically throughout the day

Live in the Present

Notifications show up along side all of your other notifications that you have turned on so that you never miss any reminders to live your life more in the present.

About Shacked


Shacked Software, Get Shacked, or simply Shacked. It seems that there is some hidden meaning in the name of our Hawaii-based company. But to us, Shacked represents a small team of software developers, working on inspired software projects, living the dream right here in the paradise that is Oahu, Hawaii. To set the record straight, our company name is inspired by surf lingo for finding that perfect barrel (insert glossary footnote), to achieve something of epic proportion, and the penultimate surfing experience.

Getting Shacked represents striving for something excellent, that is both awe inspiring, challenging at the same time, and proves that we have honed our craft. These are the same qualities that we bring to our company.

Questions? Comments?
Send some Aloha our way!

About Shacked

What we do at Shacked

Quite simply, we build great apps with Aloha! Our focus is on building great Mac and iOS applications for the majority of our time. Oh, and sometimes these applications need a web service, or Facebook integration, or maybe a little Twitter dashed here and there, and this is where our web services experiences come into play. Our web services are built utilizing Django with PostgreSQL running on Amazon Web Services. We have over 5 years experience in building out Mac, iOS, and Django applications.

We are constantly in pursuit of the next big project that will bring value to the masses. Most of the time this takes the form of one of our own applications or ideas, but when properly convinced, we are open to working on others ideas that will hopefully change the world. We are selective in working on only those projects that really excite us in areas that we are passionate about. We tend to look towards partnerships versus straight contract work. If you are looking for a software partner, or two talented founders for your company, or if you just want to say hello, feel free to shoot us a message.

Why Hawaii? Shouldn't you guys be in the bay area or something?

We live in Hawaii because of the quality of life, the balance of work and play, and to realize the opportunity of being the bridge between Asia and California. We have always believed that there is a huge opportunity in running a lean-startup in Hawaii, and we are devoted to trying to establish a start-up community here on Oahu and the neighboring islands. We fully believe that software should be the focus of building a successful company in Hawaii... it takes very little natural resources in terms of manufacturing, it does not require much space to get the job done, people are very happy living in Hawaii (if anti-depressant usage is an indicator), and software developers are known to work strange hours, so the time difference has little effect. We work very hard, but we also enjoy getting in the ocean as much as possible to surf, stand-up paddle, body surfing, or just swimming around. We try to hike as much as possible as well, exploring the outer limits of what Oahu has to offer.



No Not the Roofing Company From The South Side, The Development Team from Hawaii

Chad Podoski and Jason Skicewicz met in late 2006 where they were working for Blue Lava Technologies, a Hawaii based Internet startup working on a Mac-based photo organization product called iLovePhotos, utilizing facial detection and recognition. Chad was heading up the Mac application side of the company, and Jason was focusing on the architecture of the platform. Throughout the years of working together, they had discussed what type of company they would eventually want to build in our next life. Ideas that stuck included running a self-sustaining, lean startup, working hard on interesting software problems, while also having the freedom to catch some good waves. We strive for working with close partners, always pushing towards innovation, solving important problems that add value to our lives as well as others, and adopting a design-centric approach to building software products.

We had not realized the dream of starting a company together until late 2009, when we officially formalized our partnership. We played around with various names of our company such as Ski & Ski, The Polnamic Duo, South Side... but eventually the name Shacked stuck.

Chad Podoski Jason Skicewicz David Keck Emily Shaw
Chad Podoski
Jason Skicewicz
David Keck
Emily Shaw
Chad Podoski

Chad Podoski, Co-Founder

Two parts analytical, one part creative, Chad is responsible for creating the mobile magic that happens at Shacked. When he is not buried up to his neck in code, he can be either found pushing pixels around in Photoshop or searching the south shore of Oahu for quality waves … that is when he is not chasing his two year around. He is still under the delusion that naming the company Shacked may somehow improve his surfing ability someday.

Jason Skicewicz

Jason Skicewicz, Co-Founder

Originally from Chicago, transplanted to beautiful Hawaii in mid-2006 to work with a very talented team at Blue Lava Technologies on the iLovePhotos project. Jason has worked at and has co-founded many different startups. US Robotics, Vibes Media, Blue Lava Technologies, Heartbeat.com, and SchoolRack.com. If Jason had his way, he'd be a drummer in a punk rock band...he still may.

David Keck

David Keck, Software Engineer

Tangerine Twinkles, The Colonel, D-Kock.... The man, the myth, the legend goes by various aliases, is the original hipster, and can not be found on any conventional social network except for maybe the Objc-language Apple List or the Ducati sub-reddit. David is currently finishing his bachelors degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, and works with us over Summer, Winter and Spring breaks.

Emily Shaw

Emily Shaw, Social Media Manager

Emily manages the online social community for Gube by curating content for Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. She generates awareness of the app in the marketplace by initiating publicity and building relationships.


We are always looking for new partners, new opportunities, or just new friends. Send us a message if you'd like to talk shop, or talk new ideas. We love hearing about new ideas, new technologies, and to determine if there is a way we might work together in the near future.

If you are a web / mobile designer, and would like to come out for a few months, and work on one of our many app ideas, send us a link to your portfolio. If we like what we see, we will fly you out and put you up in your own grass shack (it will have a roof, don't worry). What better way to try out living in Hawaii then cruising out here for a 3 month workcation. We work hard and play hard also!